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We educate you to understand your dog’s digestive  system and how it plays a vital role in your dogs health. We combine nutritional analysis with  custom diet  changes and supplements to improve your canine’s health.

Healthy Recipes for Your Canine

Our homemade diet plans are designed to suit your dog’s  health and digestive system. We will carefully select unique products to support, improve and maintain a healthy canine.

Success Stories

Through education, passion and specialized services, we provide peace of mind to not only dog owners, but to the dogs whose lives we have improved. The dogs we have helped are now able to live their healthiest and happiest lives. 

Our Customer's Review

I followed Donna’s instructions and within days, began to see noticeable difference in Y.J.’s skin. The pimples and elephant skin disappeared and after a few months, the purple/black spots and enlarged testicles cleared up.

Monica Fedorchuk

Donna Middleton

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Although Donna usually has a very busy schedule yet she makes sometime to meet with dog owners who have sleepless nights cos their furry friends have conditions that can be helped by just a change in their diet and other conditions.

If you are overwhelmed by the circumstances of your dog’s condition then this might be the best help you’ll ever have.

Donna Middleton

Certified canine nutrition specialist

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