Head to Tail Canine Nutrition

Be educated and empowered to understand your dog’s digestive system and their unique nutritional needs.

Head to Tail Canine Nutrition offers professional consulting services to analyze the specific nutritional needs for your dog. We aim to improve your dog’s digestive system and help create a healthier pet with a longer life.

Our services provide coaching and consultation for;

  • Creating a Nutritional Support Plan that keeps your dog healthier and more lively.
  •  Understanding environmental toxins that negatively impact your canine’s health.
  •  Understanding your dogs digestive system and how they respond to the foods they are provided.
  • Creating a diet plan unique to your dog that will aide in improving  their health.
  •  Understanding the importance and efficacy of a raw or home cooked diet versus off the shelf products and diet supplements.
  • Providing professional recommendation for the best and most proven supplements.

Why is nutrition so important in maintaining Your Canine Wellness?

  • 90% of serotonin, (the feel good molecule), stems from the gut.
  • 80% of health stems from the gut.
  • Maintaining the right balance of bacteria in the gut is critical for wellness.
  • The right nutrition may be very helpful in overcoming many ailments.
  • Nutrition has the power to change gene expression.
  • “Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Meet Angel - A Success Story

Angel was found in the dump with severe demodectic mange. Once rescued, she came into my care and was treated with conventional medicine along with a raw diet, nzymes, homeopathy, and other natural supplements to build her immune system. It was a long road, but look at Angel now. She is but one of the many dog's I have helped provide a better life for.

Angel Before

Angel After

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