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Ozzy's Story

We just got Ozzy’s latest blood work back and the Doctor can’t believe the results. Her red blood cell count is back to normal and she is producing red blood cells at a normal rate now. Considering that 4 days before talking to you the Vet told us to just take her home and keep her comfortable, and when we were no longer able to keep her comfortable it would be time to put her down.

  I just can’t believe the turnaround she has had. Today she was running around like a puppy, wanting to play. We can’t thank you enough for giving us our little girl back from death’s door.  

We have started to reduce the steroids she has been on, and within the next few weeks she will be off them completely.

This is all thanks to you and your nutritional knowledge. Donna you are incredible. Thank You Again.

  -Wayne, Kerri and Ozzy

Meet Angel - A Success Story

Angel came to us as a foster dog who was tossed in a garbage dump. She had severe Demodectic Mange with secondary skin infection. This poor pup was very sick. Her immune system was shot and the parasites were having a field day on her body.

The Veterinarian predicted it would take up to 6 months to turn her around. I was determined to turn her around in half that time and even stated this to him at which he just smiled politely.

I took her home and had to open all my windows as the smell was horrendous!! Her first meal with us was a raw diet, provided by Kerry Baldwin of Perfectly Raw. We added in immune boosting supplements, Omega 3, Colloidal Silver internally, and topically, homeopathic remedies, plus bathed her with an organic veggie rinse that kills bacteria and parasites. This was all in conjunction with her prescription meds.

Ten weeks later we took her in for a skin scrapping and to the Veterinarians surprise she was clear of the parasite!!!

I took her back 2 weeks later to make sure that it just wasn't a fluke and had the same results!

Angel Before

Angel After

Y.J's Case

My 2.5 year old black lab, Y.J, had developed pimples under his chin that oozed clear liquid, elephant skin along his jaw line, under his front legs and around his testicles. He started developing purple/black quarter sized spots on his stomach and enlarged testicles.

After 4 months of visits to our vet, numerous rounds of antibiotics and steroids with no relief for Y.J, I knew I needed to do something different for him.I started researching and discovered a product called Nzymes, which led me to become acquainted with Donna, who became my guide and helped me get Y.J onto a part of healing. She recommended I include diet change for Y.J. and gave me names of good quality dog foods but also recommended raw diet.

I followed Donna's instructions and within days, began to see noticeable difference in Y. J's skin. The pimples and elephant skin disappeared and after a few months the purple/black spots and enlarged testicles cleared up.

With Donna's help, I have a much happier and healthier boy! I still rely on Donna when I have questions and concerns and she is always there to guide me through.

-Monica Fedorchuk

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